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VisualActivist.Me is an inclusive campaign that invites Afro-descendants and Africans to be part of a movement for visual diversity and equal representation in online media. This campaign is a visual petition started by PICHA Stock.

VisualActivist.Me Campaign Goals:

- To create an online visual archive championing the diversity of people of African descent all over the world.
- To forward the #RepresentationMatters movement and give all our people the chance to become a visual activist.

The Message:

For long, Africa and her people have been cast in a one dimensional visual story of under-development and poverty. The uniqueness and diversity of our continent - made up of 54 different countries, with over 1 billion people, thousands of different languages, multiple cultures and modern cities – have been obscured in the media. Now is the time to tell our stories, own our narratives and show the diversity of the diaspora. And here’s where we need your influence and power to create change in the visual narrative.

It is time to visually represent Afro-descendants fairly by showing modern development, diversity and beauty. We owe it to generations unborn to document fair, just and varied images and stories of Africa (including her people now scattered across the world) to own our history and future.

Use your voice, abilities and motivation to fight negative stereotypes, racism, inequality, poverty and injustices that affect black people on the continent and in the diaspora.

Let’s take collective action through the VisualActivist.Me campaign and be part of this historical shift as a change-maker, shaping the narrative of Africa & her people to make our world a better place.

Be a game changer, a hand raiser, a difference maker and an impact hero. Become a visual diversity champion and let’s change the story of Afro-descendants together.

How it works

STEP ONE: Add your portrait to the visual archive and feel free to share some of your stories. Images will not be sold or used commercially or added to PICHA's stock image library. They will solely stand as perpetual visual archive of Afro-decendants around the world because #RepresentationMatters.

STEP TWO: Share your Visual Activist profile and other free VisualActivist.Me downloads via social media and use it to encourage your network to rise up and make their voices heard in the call for fair and equal representation.

STEP THREE: Follow @visualactivist.me on Instagram to connect with Afro-descendants around the globe as we unite to share stories and change the visual narrative about our people.


Who is PICHA & why are we doing this?

PICHA is a visual content provider founded on the realization that the perceptions of Afro-descendants in the world are not always their reality. We curate diverse Afrocentric visuals (stock images & video) that enable brands and businesses to tell richer stories that include modern people of diaspora.

PICHA believes that original stories can change perceptions. And we are here to do just that. To bring Afrocentric voices, faces and stories to the world and the brands we serve.

While we tell stories about black communities through photography and more recently, videography & illustrations, we also support our contributors with one of the highest commission rates in the industry.

VisualActivist.Me was born to allow everyone, not just our contributors and clients, to play a part in the campaign for equal and fair representation of Afro-descendants online.